looking for a fic

hey everyone

I’m looking for this FIC I read years ago Jacob is dying and the only way he survives is if Edward were to turn him and so Edward does and the cullens teach him about the ways of being a vampire? Does anyone know or have heard of this FIC?

Looking for certain fics

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for the following fan fictions and I was hoping you could help me out:

In Cascading through ice by Darkmoonx

Not Just Fireworks - the link is missing on fan fiction.

Le Château du Jardin Paradis - brent360

Rules of Engagement - Sheshe

Beneath the Moonlight - Kitty

My email add is t.lis1503@gmail.com.


by thespatulaqueen @ dA


Recently found and finished Lure by Ryann_Blackwood and I was wondering if anyone had any of their other fanfics?


Darn this pandemic for making me sink down the fanfiction rabbit hole

Agreenerscene@gmail.com is my email!

Old (and new) favourites

Hi everyone,

I don't know about you but this pandemic has me reading all of my old favourites. I've rediscovered my love for all Jakeward fictions.

I was hoping to start a post where you can post your oldies but goodies as well as the new ones you've read recently.

One of my absolute favourites is Waxing Gibbous by Lady Shadow. I also love Absence of Sound.

I loved Basic Imprinting by starry-night88.

Please share some of your favourites and help me find some new ones!

Stay safe everyone,


Specific Story Search

Hi everyone,

I've been trying to find a story but I can't recall the name of it.
Jacob had imprinted on Edward and Edward was accepting of the imprint but only as Jacob's friend. I think Bella was still in Edward's life as his girlfriend but I'm not a hundred percent sure.

For Jacob's birthday, the Cullens gave him parts of the car. His birthday was celebrated at the Cullen Mansion.

There was a scene where the Cullen family come over to the reservation to help build a garage for Jacob. He and Edward were working on restoring a car together. I think the restoration was a part of Jacob's birthday gift. Also a gift from Edward was a necklace with a massive wolf as a pendant. A necklace that would not break during transformation.

I remember reading it on Fanfiction.net, but that's all I remember. But I love that story and I want to find it again. If it's no longer there,I would appreciate an electronic copy if someone has it.

My email address is t.lis1503@gmail.com

Thank you.
by thespatulaqueen @ dA

Xsheshemex fics

I have certain fics such as Crimson Moon, Absence of Sound. What I specifically looking for is The Will be no Stars Tonight.

Being inside I’m stuck in a rabbit hole of reading old favorites!

by thespatulaqueen @ dA


These fics crossed my mind and I’m having a hard time finding them!

First one: Jacob and Edward grow close after Bella leaves. Much of the fic takes place in a cave where Edward becomes more animalistic and possessive. Carlisle is allowed to come and exam Jacob at one point.

The second could actually be part of the first! After giving birth Aro and the Volturi arrive and have Jacob shift and possibly fight one of them? Aro promises to come back to see if the child has a gift.

Thank you all in advance for your help!

Looking for a fic


I am not sure whether anyone is still active here but just wanted to try my luck. I am looking for a fix where Jacob was adopted by Alice I believe? In that fic, Jacob and Edward are mates. In that universe, mates don’t like each other at first sight usually. I hope someone can find this doc for me. Would really appreciate it. Thanks!