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there's a thin line between love and hate.

let's cross it.

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Edward Cullen and Jacob Black Admirers
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For fans of both Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, especially together.


Welcome, welcome to community for the relationship (either platonic or romantic) between Edward Cullen and Jacob Black from the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. This place was created to allow fans of both characters (and maybe even those that know what really happened in the tent that night in the woods) to gather and discuss the pairing. This community is for all things relating to the two; whether it is icons, fan art, fan fiction, essays, wallpapers, or just your opinion. Everything and anything is welcomed (and encouraged) here.


01. All posts made in this community need to be on topic and relating to Edward, Jacob or both. Anything pertaining to the fandom as a whole should be posted at a general Twilight community.

02. When posting fanfiction or fanart, please include a header letting other members know the rating, content, and spoilers within your fan work. An example header that you may use for fanfiction (simply copy and paste):

03. Fanfiction or fanart must be Edward/Jacob related. It does not have to be in a sexual or romantic way, but this community is called Jakeward for a reason.

04. Fanfiction and fanart must be placed beneath a lj cut. All text must be of a standard size and color. We prefer your text to be black, though. It's easiest to read beneath a lj cut.

05. Be kind to others! This is the most important rule as it is what keeps this well-oiled machine going. If you disagree with someone, discuss it in a calm and civilized manner. Also, if you are not a fan of the characters of the 'ship, don't waste time trolling the community; you'll be deleted and banned.

06. Promotions are totally fine, as long as your project is Twiilght related. Do try to explain a little about your project so others can gain interest.

07. Please put larger blocks of text (over 200 words) and graphics behind a lj cut. Teasers are allowed, but they should not exceed 300px by 300px. When posting icons, please only use three or less icons as teasers.

08. Do try to tag your post using existing tags.


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